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Different Colors

Just choose a color!

We offer a variety of colors. That’s why we carry a wide selection of colors for your choice — to ensure your vehicle looks according to your style and liking. Just let us know ahead of time to make sure we get the right tone for you.

Custom Sprayed

We can spray on everything!

Every vehicle and everything comes with its original design. Here at Power Liner, you tell us what you want us to spray, and we'll make it happen. We have sprayed on every truck accessory, including fenders, bumpers, toolboxes, all around a truck, and even inside a car, etc. We can spray on pretty much anything you can imagine; wood, metal, plastic, fiber glass, just say it, and we'll spray it.

High Pressure

Let us know your preference!

Low pressure or soft finish refers High pressure or hard finish is the most common used for customers. It is 100% solid polyurethane-urea hybrid coating, excellent corrosion resistance, and perfect for everyday use.

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