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We are a short staff but we are effectived as you can imagine!

What sets us apart is our staff. Each and every one of our employees is here for you. They will take the time to listen to your needs, offer suggestions, and solutions that you may have never considered. Our staff has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and they are more than happy to share it with you. PLUS, all our guys speak Spanish.

Jose Arratia

Shop Manager

As the Power Liner manager since the very beginning, Mr. Jose Arratia has handled every type of vehicle, and repair you can imagine on sprays on bedliners. He is the one in charge of every service, and he takes a close look at the end of every service done to make sure, it is 100% excellent, and the customer has the best satisfaction. Come in and speak with Jose to learn more today!

Automotive Sprayer

Omar Lopez

Omar is one of the more knowledgeable people at Power Liner, with all the experience under his belt along with Mr. Jose Arratia, he has sprayed anything you can possibly imagine. Come in and speak with Omar, he will share really cool experiences on everything related to bedliners, and trucks.

Jose Stelluti


At Power Liner, we go above and beyond on customer service. Sometimes the customer can't make it to the shop, and Jose makes sure, he picks up and deliver your vehicle with efficiency. Also, he helps on every duty at the shop, including things related to the administration. Come in and have a chat with Jose Stelluti.

Juan Antonio Vera

Automotive Service Technician

Antonio, better known as Toño, he makes sure the vehicle is in perfect condition before it is sprayed. Also, he is the one in charged on those duties, so the shop always looks good and clean. Come in and chat with Toño, he'll tell really funny stories.

Johan Vernon Cooper

Automotive Service Technician

Like Toño, Johan also helps at the shop, he makes sure that every vehicle is in the best condition before, and after it is sprayed. He gives the final touch on the service, and makes sure, the vehicle has been inspected before we say "the job is done."

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